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Standard Machines
Multimill FC 8 Key profile milling machine
Multimill FDC 8 Key milling/backrounding machine
Multicode CCE 1 Key bitting machine
Multicode CCE 1/T High volume key bitting machine
Multicode CCE 2 Key bitting machine
Multibit Flexible key bitting machine for small batches
Multiway BR 2 Plug broaching machine
Multiway BR 16 Plug broaching machine
Multilogo PC 100 Key head coining machine
Multisystem MLM/T Springs and disc-tumblers assembly machine
Multisystem MPM/T Machine for the assembly of cylinders and padlocks
Multisystem MPM/T2-D Machine for the assembly of standard double lock cylinders
Special Applications
Special Machines
Key profile milling machine Flexible key profile milling machine 22 NC axis Master profile system keys
Key bitting machine Key bitting machine
9 NC axis
Nickel silver keys
Plug broaching machine Flexible plug broaching machine 24 NC axis Master profile system plugs
In-line assembly machine In-line assembly machine Car lock (steering lock)
Transfer Machines for the Lock Industry
Transtable TRT 11/16 Cylinder body, preturned - various lenghts
Transtable TRT 11/20 Padlock body - various dimensions
Transtable TRT 8/12 Double cylinder body
Transtable TRT 11/15 Plugs 13 mm. diameter - different lengths
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